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Reducer poor oil or oil pressure is too large to easily lead to oil spills

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Reducer oil leakage is a common problem, oil leakage may be due to box quality problems, oil quality problems, oil seal quality problems, inside and outside the air pressure and other issues lead to the other if the lubricating oil filling will lead to overflow. Once the oil reducer should be based on the actual situation to take measures, we introduce the following simple treatment.

If it is the quality of the gear reducer castings, but the leakage caused by leakage, you can first use gasoline and other cleaning agents to clean the oil spill at the castings, and then injected into the concentration of 20% hydrochloric acid, a day later removed hydrochloric acid and then clean, rely on chemical reaction chlorine Of ferrous iron plug the trachoma or cracks.

Reducer lead to poor oil return oil. The oil on the inner wall of the casing can not be returned to the oil pool as soon as possible. This may cause the oil to leak gradually along the shaft. Can be taken is: in the reducer head set the oil seal, while thrown oil ring with oil spill block, so that it flows back to the oil pool. It is also possible to design an annular oil return groove on the sub-surface of the frame to return the oil to the box and partly to the bearing for lubrication. Gear box cleaning and maintenance machine Use the original oil supply and exhaust system of the gear box and the filtered old oil can realize the cleaning of the gear box, the quick filtration of the waste oil, the filling of new oil and other functions, the operating process does not change the hardware facilities, Add cleaning agent to ensure the safe operation of the gear box to extend the service life. But also reduce the reducer if it is essential to use one of the steps is also a lot of businesses will be ignored.

Reducer internal pressure is greater than the external atmospheric pressure is the main reason for oil spills. The greater the pressure difference, the more serious the leakage, therefore, can take reasonable pressure measures. If the ventilation cap and vent plug are designed on the cover, if the diameter of the vent cap and the vent plug is too small, the internal and external differential pressure will be increased to cause oil leakage. Therefore, the selection should be the main check, you can open the cap ventilation, speed reducer running a few minutes later, hand touch the ventilation holes, if the hot air is too small, you can change a large ventilation cap.

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