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Gear accuracy is also graded?

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Gear accuracy is also graded?

1, the gear accuracy is mainly to control the gears in the transmission between the gears of precision, such as: smooth transmission, instantaneous speed of volatility, if the alternating reverse run, the tooth backlash is the smallest, if there is Impact load, should be slightly increased accuracy, thereby reducing the impact load to bring the gear damage.

2, if these design requirements are relatively high, the gear accuracy will be set slightly higher, and vice versa can be set at the end point

3, however, the gear precision set too high, will increase the processing costs, the need for comprehensive balance

4, the parameters of your above are basically the more commonly used gear, the accuracy can be defined as: 7FL, or 7-6-6GM precision annotations explained: 7FL: gear three tolerance group with the same precision 7, tooth thickness The upper deviation is class F and the lower deviation of tooth thickness is L level. 7-6-6GM: The first set of tolerance zone of the gear has the precision of 7, the second set of tolerance zone of the gear is 6, the third set of tolerances With a precision of 6, the tooth thickness of the upper deviation of G-class, tooth thickness of the lower deviation of M-class

5, there is no formula for the accuracy of the gear, because no calculation is to check the manual.

6, to determine the accuracy level is the result of comprehensive analysis of engineers, the transmission requirements of precision, or high load, alternating load ... ... the accuracy level will be higher

7, precision grade 5,6,7,8,9,10 level, the smaller the value the higher the accuracy

8, (tooth thickness) Deviation level is also given the overall conditions of the designer given the level of precision transmission to a little higher, the general machinery to the low point, closed to a little higher drive, open drive to a lower point.

Tensioner and clutch release bearings on the car to play what effect

Tensioner is an auto parts and other wearing parts, tensioner wheel is used for automotive transmission belt tensioning device, used to adjust the tightness of the timing belt, the general with the timing belt for the belt with A long time is easy to be elongated, and some tensioner wheel can automatically adjust the belt tension, the other with the tensioner belt running more stable, less noise, and can prevent skidding

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